How to Keep Your Electronic Weighing Scale Functioning Reliably

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Some owners of electronic weighing scales do not know to ensure that they always get reliable results from their scales. Consequently, the weighing scales periodically give inaccurate readings and that can lead to losses if the scale was weighing products sold to clients. This article discusses how you can keep your electronic weighing scale performing reliably:

Put the Scale on an Even Surface

Weighing scales need to be on a flat stable surface in order to give reliable readings. This is because such a surface allows the load cells (the components inside the scale that react to the weight placed on the scale) to react appropriately to the item placed on the scale. If the surface is not even then the load may tilt at an angle and a wrong reading will result.

Use the Scale Away from Electronics

Electronic weighing scales react to any electrical fields in their vicinity and that can increase or lower the reading that you get when you place a load on the weighing scale. That is why you should use your scale far from any electronic devices like televisions or microwave ovens so that you eliminate this possible threat to its accuracy.

Never Exceed Its Capacity

Each electronic weighing scale (like any other scale) has a weight limit. Read the manual of your electronic weighing scale so that you know the maximum weight that you can place on that scale. This information will help you to avoid overloading the scale and thereby damaging its internal components.

Replace the Batteries Regularly

Electronic weighing scales rely on batteries or an electric power outlet in order to function well. If the batteries are old then the scale may be slow to react to the weight placed on it so you will get an inaccurate reading. Change the batteries when you notice that the scale is no longer reacting as quickly as it used to when you place a load on it. The display of the scale may become blank if it has a defective AC adaptor. Test that this is the cause by using new batteries in the scale. If it works then call a technician to replace the faulty adaptor.

The performance of your electronic weighing scale depends on how well you store or handle it. Use the information above to improve how you handle or store your scale so that it retains its reliability for as long as possible. Contact a company such as Active Scales with any questions you have.